WHICH Splitboard

All our women’s splitboards are multiply awarded by specialist media from all over the world. We use premium materials, scratch resistant plant based topsheets, extra thick edges and bases for longest possible product life.

We’ve done a splitboard buying guide so you can find the perfect splitboard for you and the kind of terrain you like to ride. For sizes and technical features you will find all the info you need on each models product page.

All Stranda Snowboards and splitboards are backed by an industry leading four year warranty. And we are certified Climate Neutral. You can read more about our environmental policy here. As snowboarders we’re dependent on Mother Nature and we need to protect our winters for future generations.


Directional splitboards built with premium materials and shaped for crushing steeps, pillow lines and the deepest japow.


Splitboard of choice, pre-cut climbing skins and bindings.

Splitboard buying guide

Choosing the perfect splitboard should be easy but the questions are many if it’s your first time buying. We made a splitboard guide in order to help you make those important first decisions so you can find the best splitboard. Your first consideration choosing a splitboard is how and where you plan to ride as different models cater to specific riding styles and types of terrain. READ MORE