Which Stranda shape should you choose?

From left to right, Pipeliner, Cheater, Descender, Shorty, Tree Surfer, Bowlrider and Nallo.

Stranda Snowboards founder, Mats Drougge explains the different qualities of the Stranda lineup. Check this video and learn which board that fits your style of riding and preferred terrain.

Finding the perfect snowboard isn’t easy. In this video we’re trying to guide you to a snowboard model that fit’s your level and style of riding. You can call it a buyers guide to Stranda Snowboards.

Our baseline for 20/21 are Descender, Shorty, Tree Surfer, Bowlrider and Cheater. These are “daily drivers” you can use all over the mountain, from slicing up groomers to surf powder. Add one or more of our quiver boards for that special day or terrain and you’re prepared for anything.

Mats has been shaping boards since early 2000s. Starting with carving shapes and big mountain guns in search for ultimate glide and edgehold. Exploring the outer limits of extreme carving 15 years before carving became cool again. He layed the foundations to Stranda in 2016 with the Pipeliner and Cheater shapes. Four seasons later we have a more or less complete line of freeride and carving boards.

Please note that the Descender is a 20/21 model and not available until autumn 2020.


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