Stranda Snowboards is Climate Neutral

We’re proud to announce that Stranda Snowboards is certified climate neutral by ClimateNeutral.org This means that we have measured all of the greenhouse gas emissions from producing and delivering our snowboards and splitboards and then investing in carbon reduction which in turn finances projects like clean energy and reforestation. We’ve also implemented a plan to reduce future emissions.

But there’s no way getting around the fact that building a snowboard affects our environment. That’s why sustainability is one of the cornerstones. Getting certified as climate neutral is one of many steps we’ve made to improve ours. Aside from offsetting our carbon footprint, longevity of product life and repairability comes an important second. Most of the climate affecting energy consumption used for producing a snowboard is gone when you need to scrap it. That’s why we almost over engineer our boards and use repairable materials, extra thick edges, bases and top sheet materials and durable hardwoods, like ash in all of our cores. Our 4-year warranty is testament to the trust we put in to our snowboards and splitboards. We want our boards to die of old age so the longer you can ride it the better it is.

But rest assured we’re gonna continue our quest for the smallest possible environmental impact without compromising performance and durability.

White winters for the future generation!

Mats Drougge
Founder & Shaper

About the picture: May 21, 2020, riding in the midnight sun down from the peak of Vassijaure, Swedish Lapland. The small dot in front of the rider is our team dog, Jack. Photo: Mats Drougge.

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