Women’s Descender Splitboard

Big mountain freeride meets backcountry freestyle

radial SIDECUT
power bumps at inserts
FLEX: 8/10


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The Women’s Descender is a splitboard for anyone who wants a directional freeride snowboard with enough tail to allow for switch landings and with enough power to charge big lines. This board has no speed limit and is aiming for best in class  performance. Awarded an “Editors Choice Award 2022” by american Backcountry Magazine. And an “Editors Selection 2021” by german Splitboarders Journal. Power Bumps™ at the inserts for ultimate grip and security in critical situations boost your level of confidence. The weight is kept low to allow for backcountry freestyle riding. The Descender has a light and snappy core using feather weight paulownia mixed with full length poplar and ash laminates. Thanks to the double ash stringers and rubber dampening there is zero chatter when straight lining icy faces.


Core: Paulownia mixed with full length poplar and ash stringers Construction: Triax glass with carbon torsion rods. PU-sidewalls. Topsheet: Matte  Profile: Parabolic 4mm camber – with low tip- and tail-rocker. Directional freeride. Base: Sintered 4001 Durasurf


Weight range

Eff. Edge

Nose Width

Waist Width

Tail Width



Cent. Stance

Stance width






















Directional freeride with Power Bumps™ at inserts adding contact points for ultimate grip on ice


We build our snowboards with camber and Tip-Tail-Rocker. We distinguish between standard camber and low camber: with low camber, the centre of the board is slightly elevated and the contact points are further towards the centre. The Descender has an unique parabolic 5 mm camber – lifted under rear foot for extra pop and ollie power – with low tip- and tail-rocker.


At Stranda Snowboards we use ash wood and mix it with lighter types of timber as poplar and paulownia. Ash is perfect for building high-performance snowboards as it dampens vibrations and holds its camber, extending the life of your board. Adding poplar and paulownia keeps the weight down. Choosing a premium material also allowed us to reduce the use of petroleum-based composites.

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  1. Jana

    Hey there fellow splitboarders! If you’re on the hunt for a board that’ll leave most skiers in the dust on the uphill and bring a smile to your face on the way down, then the Stranda Descender split is the way to go.

    First off, this board is super light, which is perfect for those long days in the saddle. The edges and stiffness of this board give me the confidence I need on sketchy traverses and big, steep, often icy uphills. It’s not only making me faster but also feel safer and overall more enjoyable on uphills. And on the way down, this board sticks together like two peas in a pot, making for an incredibly smooth ride.
    What really makes the Descender stand out, though, is its perfect symbiosis of stiffness and softness. It’s like the touch of lemon zest in a cheesecake – the perfect complement to an already amazing experience. I’ve tried out boards from Jones and Burton before, but I have to say, the Stranda Descender feels just a touch more progressive. It’s a charger that’s still playful and poppy in all terrain. Haven’t seen many brands that hit the nail on its head as this one does for women splitbaords.

    For reference, I’m 1.68cm tall, 57kgs, and ride the 152 size. To me, the size and vibe of this board feel just right for big faces and terrain where I want to be more manoeuvrable, playful, or just caaarve.
    All in all, I think the Descender split is the perfect adventure companion for any splitboarder out there. So if you’re looking for a board that’ll help you dominate the uphill and have a blast on the downhill, then trust me, the Descender is definitely worth checking out.

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