Tree Surfer Snowboard

A surfy carving machine

DIRECTIONAL split tail
progressive SIDECUT
Crustkiller nose
FLEX: 7/10


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Recommended binding

Drake Radar

Playful but precise

Composite highback
FLEX: 8/10

The Tree Surfer is not just a great fishshaped powderboard. The groundbreaking hammerhead nose makes it go through thick crust like a tank, and opens up a track for the rest of the board to follow in. The fishtail sinks and steer in powder and windpacked without all the drawbacks of a bigger swallowtail. As all Stranda board it carves like nothing else. The Tree Surfer is a freeride snowboard that will bring you down with a smile on your face even in the worst conditions. Topsheet is made of a thin layer of bamboo sealed with high gloss polished laquer.


Lengths: 157, 162 Core: Ash/poplar Construction: Triax glass with carbon torsion rods Topsheet: Bamboo Sidewalls: Orange PU. Profile: Low Camber with Tip-Tail-Rocker. Swallow tail. Base: Sintered 4001 Durasurf


Weight range kg/lbs

Eff. Edge

Nose Width

Waist Width

Tail Width



Cent. Stance

Stance width






















The Tree Surfer features a Swallow Tail that allows for better control in deep powder. The unique hammerhead-sharknose brings you next level riding even in thick crust. This is a board shaped to excel in variable conditions.


We build our snowboards with classic camber and Tip-Tail-Rocker. We distinguish between standard camber and low camber: with low camber, the centre of the board is slightly elevated and the contact points are further towards the centre. The Tree Surfer has 6 mm camber.


At Stranda Snowboards we use ash wood and a minor part poplar in our cores. Ash is perfect for building high-performance snowboards as it dampens vibrations and holds its camber, extending the life of your board. Adding poplar keeps the weight down. Choosing a premium material also allowed us to reduce the use of petroleum-based composites. We use a thin layer of bamboo as the topsheet, which adds to performance.

Stranda Tree Surfer Snowboard

4 reviews for Tree Surfer Snowboard

  1. VikAppproved

    157 Treesurfer – I got turned on to this board from Lars at JustaRide Snowboard YT channel and managed to score one from Edge of the World in Fernie. I’m an old school [or maybe just old?] rider who started boarding with full camber carving setups. I like a narrow double posi stance and being able to easily go from carving groomers to slashing powder in the trees.

    I’m ~200lbs fully geared up to ride and at the top end of the 157 weight range so I was a bit concerned about being too heavy for this board. It has not been an issue. The Treesurfer provides lots of support in a carve and riding powder is effortless with this board.

    I’m all about turning these days, not top speed, so riding the 157 size suits me. The short back end is easy to steer for a surfy feel, but does not disappoint when you crank it on edge for a carve.

    The Treesurfer is well made. Looks great with quality details throughout.

    I’m glad I took a shot on a Stranda board. I’m looking forward to lots of great mountain days on the Treesurfer.

  2. Michael P.

    Excellent board. Rides so smoothly. Nose rides up and over everything. The flex of the nose is perfect, its doesn’t jar you around and it acts like the shock and strut of your ride. Lots of freeride boards have such a stiff nose that you basically need to use your knees to absorb terrain. A few times I found myself bracing and the Tree Surfer just absorbed it. Every inch of this board was designed with purpose. The camber is perfect, it doesn’t toss you outta hard carves but gives you enough to feel stable at speed and pop out of them when you choose. The finish and build quality is excellent. Would definitely recommend you find a way to get on any Stranda. Freerides powder and groomers and everything in between as promised.

  3. Jeffrey Bush

    Hemsedal Ski-test weekend and I stumbled upon this character promoting an old school take on a new school trend. The conditions were decent overall, some fresh snow from the days before and a solid hard pack on the steeper runs. I tried several of the Stranda boards like the Pipeliner, Cheater and the Tree Surfer. All were built to carve, built to last and built with pride. I left that weekend determined to buy one! My favorite was the tree surfer. It is fast, solid, responsive, agile and able to navigate the slop and crud on the hill without skipping a beat. If you love to find the smoothest line down, leaving one long chain of S’s, C’s, and side hits down the hill then you will absolutely love this board. I had a blast carving this board and popping edge to edge leaving open carves all the way down the hill. And if you have no idea what I am talking about then you are definitely in for a treat when you get a taste of the old school character that is built into this board. The precision carving and nimbleness of this board allowed me to lay out massive full speed carves on the open runs and navigate the busy sections with a classic tucked-knee surf style all while being in full control. The rockered, wide nose allowed the board to adapt to the chopped up terrain and setup the carves nicely. The setback camber from the rocker nose combined with the lengthened effective edge with the fish tail gave a solid feeling of edge control and predictability even through sketchy and uneven terrain. I didn’t get the chance to ride this in powder but I have a feeling it will kill it. My current powder board is a K2 Cool Bean and while it is awesome in the deep stuff and in spring snow, it sucks ass on wind blown hard pack. I bombed a few lines on the Stranda Tree Surfer that I wouldn’t even want to skid down on the Bean. I love the new school Cool Bean 147 with its rockered nose and wide waist but the tree surfer is far superior, thanks to its old school DNA. I suppose if I’m in some tight trees on a pow day I’d be tempted to grab the shorter bean but the amount of enjoyment I got from throwing the Tree Surfer on edge and getting that old school locked-in feeling makes up for any difference. Long story short: If I had to choose only 1 board to roll with I would choose this one.

  4. Ralf Blümel

    Tested the Tree Surfer at the 34. KTO last weekend. Conditions were firm, hard packed snow at the slopes of the Kaunertaler Glacier – unfortunately no powder. So honestly I thought the guys from Stranda were crazy when they gave me a powderboard with a fishtail and back-placed bindings. In my experience, freeride boards with back-placed bindings (on days with a lot of deep powder) were hardly ridable when you have to go back to the hard packed slopes at the end of the day. Not very confident I tried carefully my first turns in steep terrain – what the f….. .
    Long story short – the fishshaped powderboard is also a high speed carving machine. Unbelievable edge hold, I was going pretty damn fast without feeling insecure. The board was very stable at speed and just swallowed any bumps on the track. As Stranda says, it carves like nothing else – wide turns and with a little more pressure tight turns are no problem. I was surprised what deep turns were already possible on the first run, with a board I’ve never ridden before. Tried also the Shorty 169 for one run because my buddy Chris tested it at the same time, so we could swap briefly. Also a fantastic board, but I found the Tree Surfer a little more precise. It just fitted better to my riding style. Too bad, under the given conditions it was not possible the test the powder abilities.
    I almost forgot to mention that, the manufacturing quality is outstanding and I also like the design, but that’s a matter of taste. I’ve been snowboarding for 27 years now and I have ridden a lot of different brands and different types of boards – I’ve never been more convinced of a board than the Tree Surfer.

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