Shorty Snowboard

The ultimate quiver killer for powder and groomers

DIRECTIONAL short tail
multiradial SIDECUT
FLEX: 7/10


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Drake Radar

Playful but precise

Composite highback
FLEX: 8/10

The Shorty is our original surf shape. It’s well known for being as fun on the groomers as in the backcountry. For 2023 we updated the topsheet design and made some adjustment to the nose flex adding double alu-stringers. This dramatically decreases vibrations giving the Shorty an unprecedented calm ride on hard pack. We also shifted to PU-sidewalls for an even damper ride, and added a very much asked for wide 164, accommodating sizes up to size 12 US. This is a real riders board with its bulletproof construction and timeless design language.


Core: Ash/poplar with aluminum stringers in the nose Construction: Triax glass with carbon torsion rods. PU-sidewalls. Topsheet: Bamboo Profile: Low Camber with Tip-Tail-Rocker. Diamond tail. Base: Sintered 4001 Durasurf


Weight range kg/lbs

Eff. Edge

Nose Width

Waist Width

Tail Width



Cent. Stance

Stance width











164 Wide































The Shorty features the Diamond Tail, a hook-free design combined with a longer nose for the powder performance of a bigger board – Volume Economy Tech.  The result is a forgiving and playful design with plenty of performance when you need it.


We build our snowboards with camber and Tip-Tail-Rocker. We distinguish between standard camber and low camber: with low camber, the centre of the board is slightly elevated and the contact points are further towards the centre. The Shorty has 6 mm camber and is one of the easiest boards to manoeuvre in our range.


At Stranda Snowboards we use ash wood and a minor part poplar in our cores. Ash is perfect for building high-performance snowboards as it dampens vibrations and holds its camber, extending the life of your board. Adding poplar keeps the weight down. New for 2022 is alu-stringers and light weight paulownia in the nose for a smoother ride on groomers and in varible conditions. Choosing a premium material also allowed us to reduce the use of petroleum-based composites. We use a thin layer of bamboo as the topsheet, which adds to performance.

8 reviews for Shorty Snowboard

  1. Rob Stevens

    The best board I’ve ever ridden.
    Hands down.

  2. Ryan F.

    This is a great board.

    Quick and nimble, yet stable and damp through chop and crud at full speed. Forgiving on drops, rails groomers and amazing in deep snow. I’m surprised how much I enjoy riding this board. If you only have one option, this is the one.

  3. Tommy Dee Packendorff

    The shorty was a truly great ride! It is so smooth, quick transition from edge to edge, and with quick and fun turns. I felt really at home with this board after only two runs! This is truly a great board!

  4. Michael P.

    I purchased 3 Strandas – the Cheater, the Shorty and the Treesurfer. Originally I was going to keep either the Treesurfer or the Shorty after riding them but I really like them both – a lot – and may keep them both. I don’t know what it is about these boards but they are so much smoother then other boards I have ridden. The Shorty is so smooth and well balanced I can’t find anything wrong with it. It does what I want it to when I ask – it never feels too long, too narrow, too wide, too short, or unstable. I can’t explain it any other way other then you don’t notice it or think about what board you have on your feet. The sidecut combined with it’s flex allows you to make any turn you want or need to. Excellent board.

  5. justaride

    Everything it says on the box!

    The Shorty is – just like the other Stranda boards – like a fine wine: well balanced! I’m 176cm tall and weigh 62 kg (5’9.5″, 135 lbs) with 27 years of snowboarding experience, 80 to 100 days a season, and I ride the Shorty 164. The board has a very fast base. When you first wax it, you will see the wax properly soaking into the base, which is always a good sign. The flex is dialled. The very nose is quite soft, which helps with float and chatter absorption. However, right in front of your front foot the board is already significantly stiffer, which is great, because that keeps the nose from folding when you weight the front foot! …and you can weight that front foot hard – even in deep snow! The outline of the nose and the very mellow transition from the tip through a long early rise section into the mellow camber section eliminates any friction/drag/ploughing. It’s just pure uplift, glide and acceleration! Hence: you can weight your front foot getting into turns. The tail is indeed quick to turn and catch free! However, it is stiff and acts as the backbone of the ride. You can rely on this tail when you slam on the brakes, pop off of something, finish your turn on the backfoot or land a little in the backseat. The sidecut is not overly aggressive. An 8.5m turning radius feels calm on hardpack and doesn’t throw you into your turns, giving you lots of confidence at higher speed. Vibration dampening is amazing, which I believe comes from the choice of woods. These boards carve extremely well, because they don’t develop any crazy vibration. Stranda understand what ‘ride quality’ means. Tuning in stiffness, pop, vibration dampening, sidecut, taper while creating this much effortlesness, float, glide, speed, edge grip and control is an art, and Stranda mastered it. Only found these gems recently, and I’m a fan. I also own a Cheater 170W, review following soon!

  6. Christian Gorbach

    Tried the boards at the KTO. To put it in simple words: The boards are fantastic. Easy handling, super high speed endless control. Quality looks really convincing too. I fell in love with the 164 “shorty”. It makes you a better rider immediately. Couldn’t stop smiling.

  7. Tom P

    I’m having a great time riding this board!

    At 169cm, it’s a short board in comparison to the rest of my quiver. The Shorty is billed as a high speed untracked powder board. Unfortunately this winter hasn’t delivered the goods yet… But my local resort had some fresh snow these past few days, and I had a blast carving and making short pow turns, and going through trees.

    I haven’t read all the technical specs, so I’ll just describe it as I see it. The board is relatively stiff, has camber between the feet, some tail rocker, and a big rockered shovel nose. The sidecut doesn’t reach all the way in the front — so when I’m carving, I can see the nose ready to grab the fresh snow and to lift me to the top. The SCR feels long — maybe 11m? The board is very stable at speed, and I had some huge fast turns today on it — building speed to shoot up and over into the powder in the trees along the slope. Super fun. With the shorter tail I can turn it on a dime, so surfing narrow lanes of untracked powder, slaloming around trees, it’s a joy.

    Watch my video review here:

  8. vininmt

    After a great 40 day come back season on my Pipeliner out in Montana, I didn’t think I’d be wanting or needing another board anytime soon…until I saw the SHORTY 169cm. I’m the kind of rider that can go over the nose of any board under 170cm pretty easily, for better of for worse, but something about the SHORTY looked right to me and I was looking for a ride like the Pipeliner but one that could take on even tighter trees. My first day on my new SHORTY felt like it was a board I loved because I had already been riding it a lot–comfortable out of the box. The SHORTY is super agile but holds an edge on anything like a champ and I never feel like I’m going over the nose because of longer nose rocker than most boards. When you want SHORTY to ride like an even longer and bigger board, it does. I love this board in all conditions, especially in powder and slashing it. I think the SHORTY rules so hard because of its carving inspired sidecut, its powder nose and its long nose rocker that starts from way back by your foot, it keeps you always floating–so cool! This design is amazing. And the more low profile tail is built for speed and smooth carve releases. Brilliant board, “quiver killer” is indeed an apt moniker for the SHORTY! So fun to ride! Props yet again Mats! P.S. These boards are addicting, I want all the Stranda shapes even if Shorty is the quiver killer.

    Vinny from Montana

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