Nallo Snowboard

A freedom machine shaped for big mountains

multiradial SIDECUT
CORE: ASH/POPLAR/paulownia
FLEX: 6/10


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The mission was to develop a mountain surfer capable of handling full on carved surf turns in powder, packed or chopped up snow. The result is Nallo, a tool for advanced freeriders with a serious addiction to speed. The long and rockered nose has a very smooth transition to a bigger front radius in order to keep the board on top of packed or heavy snow layers and not digging in. The tapered and rockered tail section makes the Nallo really playful. This is a freedom machine shaped for big mountains!


Length: 177 Core: Ash/poplar/paulownia Construction: Triax glass with carbon torsion rods Topsheet: Bamboo Profile: Low Camber with Tip-Tail-Rocker. Powdernose.  Base: 5920 Electra base


Weight range kg/lbs

Eff. Edge

Nose Width

Waist Width

Tail Width



Cent. Stance

Stance width












The Nallo is a board for shaped for European alpine terrain where you often encounter at least three different kind of snow conditions in one run. Windblown crust on the top, deep and glorius powder a bit down, followed by chopped up heavy snow on lower elevation. Nallo is  designed for handling it all. The notched “Taper-tail” gives you the support you need for secure jump turns on steep faces but designed to sink in deep snow.


We build our longboards with classic camber and Tip-Tail-Rocker. We distinguish between standard camber and low camber: with low camber, the centre of the board is slightly elevated and the contact points are further towards the centre. The Nallo has 6 mm camber with a Taperd and rockerd tail for easy release in heavy snow.


At Stranda Snowboards we use ash wood and a minor part poplar in our cores. On the Nallo we also added lightweight paulownia inserts in the nose to keep swing weight down. Ash is perfect for building high-performance snowboards as it dampens vibrations and holds its camber, extending the life of your board. Choosing a premium material also allowed us to reduce the use of petroleum-based composites. We use a thin layer of bamboo as the topsheet, which also adds to performance.

2 reviews for Nallo Snowboard

  1. Emma Ölund

    I have to tell you, this board tho.. It’s a freaking carving monster. I tried it once and it cut through concrete. I felt limitless in the slope. I’ve never had a ride like that before and never since. Did not expect such an experience on that board, considering I’m a kinda petite girl, but it was lit!
    P.S The carving rate does NOT do Nallo justice. The board is a beast.

  2. justaride

    There’s no second ‘Nallo’ in the world, that I know for sure!

    This is not the board you buy to ride every day. But when the day comes and you either have two feet of fresh bottomless pow, or you have those long high alpine untracked runs ahead of you, and all you wanna do is soul surf in GS turns at mach ten, well… then you better have a Nallo in the quiver!
    This board is unsinkable! You cannot imagine how long, drawn out and mellow the nose rocker is before it transitions into the low camber of the mid section. As soon as you start moving downhill, the nose lifts you up – no matter how light the snow! It’s pure magic!
    Overall the board has a very approachable flex, almost soft. This combined with the rocker in both tips gives great control at slow speeds, while the large radius with the mellow curves around the nose contact point keep it stable at high speeds. It’s strange to see these features combined in a single snowboard, as they somewhat contradict themselves, but that’s Stranda: always a ‘light bulb moment’ to be encountered when riding these boards.
    On groomers the board carves pretty well, when you keep things under the feet! The tighter radius in the centre of the board turns well. Just don’t move your weight too far into the nose or onto the tail. Anyhow, it’s not designed to ride groomers amazingly well, but quite honestly, I enjoyed it a lot! Stranda’s wood cores and overall construction kill so much vibration that carving on any of them is always a blast. The Nallo also has a silly fast base…
    Verdict: This board is exquisit! You might ride it five days per season, but those are gonna be the best five days of every single season! If your terrain is flat, the Nallo will carry you through it without sinking or losing its speed. If your terrain is steep, the Nallo will be like surfing Jaws on a big wave gun… It’s the goddess of pow! She’s a true beauty!

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