Freeride Week Riksgränsen

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Uphill Technique

Backcountry Riding

Riksgränsen, April 15-20 2024


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freeride/splitboarD week

Push your limits while you’re exploring the fantastic terrain in and around the resort of Riksgränsen during our freeride camp for splitboarders. For intermediate to advanced riders who feel secure navigating the whole mountain and have the desire to improve their freeride and splitboarding skills in off-piste terrain. We start the week with the 2 day splitboard introduction course and then spend the remaining 4 days riding all sort of terrain together. This will be a total learining by doing experience. We wille head out on a search for untracked lines of untouched snow and enjoy lunch out in the hills.


April 15-20

Price: 990€

For lodging please visit: Riksgränsen

Travel options: Step onboard the train in Stockholm or Gothenburg at night and wake up amidst the fantastic mountain scenery the next day. You will reach Riksgränsen by lunch time. The train station is literally located in the middle of the village and it’s only a short step down to Hotel Riksgränsen. Airplane: Flights departs from Stockholm and arrives in Kiruna after approximately 90 minutes. The transfer between Kiruna and Riksgränsen takes about 90 minutes.

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You can rent splitboard equipment from us. Split, skins, bindings and poles.

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