We recommend Flows stiffest line of freeride bindings for our longboards. Order it with your board and get 20% off! Flow NX2 GT is their top-off-line binding with a flex rating of 9 out of 10.

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The Flow NX2 Snowboard Bindings have gathered quite a following over the years. We at Stranda don’t recommend Flow NX2s for the reclining high back, but due to responsiveness as the big one piece front strap secures the whole boot for extra rigidity during high speed riding. The FUSION one-piece PowerStraps are 3D-shaped for a great fit, and cover a larger area of your foot for more control. Using aluminum components in the baseplate and disk, the NX2 pairs longevity with responsiveness and power at every step. Active Strap Technology makes the speedy entry system faster, more convenient, and uninterrupted by a forefoot strap that’s too tight on your boot. Flex rating of the NX 2 GT is 9 out of 10.