Stranda founder Mats Drougge in Riksgränsen, Sweden.


My name is Mats Drougge a lover of powder and groomers, founder of Stranda Snowboards and riding sideways since the 70s. I’m shaping snowboards that maximizes float, glide and edge hold, cause it makes me happy. I love snowboarding and want to progress the sport as much as possible.


On a snowboard trip to Colorado in the early 2000s, I met surf style pioneers such as 60s longboard champion Mike Doyle. As I watched them ride the undulating terrain as if it were waves, I soon discovered why my board just didn’t cut it. Back home I designed my first snowboard tailored for surf style, a one-off that sparked the interest of other riders. Since then I’ve worked relentlessly to move snowboarding forward. I have teamed up with the best engineers and the most advanced factories in the world. Cause I can’t help myself develop and test new models and ideas, and then continue to tweak and improve them. I’m on a quest for sensory gratification and spreading the Stranda stoke around the world.

A love for the carve

This brings us to the laws of physics and why we also build longboards: an average snowboard has just over one meter of effective edge and a 7-8 meter turning radius. Compare this to one of our longboards – a Pipeliner has a massive 1501 mm of effective edge with a 10.5 meter turning radius – and you’ll start to understand why you rarely see snowboarders carve with speed and style. A longboard gives you plenty of grip and a turning radius that complements this, for frontside trenchdiggin’ or high-speed powder turns.


We launched our first production model in 2015. It got a great reception from riders, with many of them emphasising the need for our kind of boards – ones where ride quality and performance is combined with a classic design. Stranda is swedish for riding all the way up on the beach, but it’s also one of Scandinavias best free riding spots. Surf and turf, the roots of Stranda.

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