Gionata, mountain guide and owner of the Sestriere Surfshoppe cutting up powder with his 186 Pipeliner.


Stranda Snowboards wants to make a difference. Our snowboards are built to the highest standards possible using premium materials. That’s why we can cover them with a 4-year warranty – we want you to buy less and ride more. And we are certified climate neutral.

Good wood not composites

As snowboarders, the mountains are our playground, so we want to do all we can to save them from pollution and exploitation. Using high quality wood reduces the need for composites. We use ash combined with poplar, a hardwood with three times the tensile strength of cheaper wood cores. When we want to go really lightweight we use paulownia in parts of the core. This means our boards will last longer and ride better, using less epoxy and composites.

bamboo topsheet

Another of our cornerstones is using a bamboo topsheet instead of plastic. Bamboo is fast-growing and plentiful (except the Descender). Our boards are sealed with a thin lightweight veneer. And, in addition to being environmentally friendly, bamboo is a beautiful, natural material that adds strength to the board like an added layer of glassfiber. On our splitboards we use plastic tops for added durability which are manufactured out of castor beans instead of mineral oil.


As one of few snowboard brands in the world we use an VOC free epoxy in our snowboards. This means less pollution and an improved working environment in the workshop. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and can have long-term health effects.

SmaLL Runs reduce  waste

Overproduction is a big issue for the snowsports industry, and Stranda wants to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, we’re recycling as much as possible. And we also carry over designs from season to season and produce boards in several smaller runs, all to avoid the negative cycle of end-of-season sales and, in some cases, the destruction of perfectly good snowboards just because of a new topsheet design.


We have estimated the greenhouse gas emissions that we create when we make and deliver our boards and services. We use a standardized and verified protocol set up by Then we offset our brand’s entire 12 months footprint by connecting it with verified carbon credits to fund projects that avoid and remove emissions all across the globe. But that’s not enough we are constantly working on cutting our emissions according to the agreement we signed with the Climate Neutral organisation. We are on a track to reduce emissions by prioritizing the biggest sources.