Men’s Journal praising the Biru!

The Biru hailed as an allmountain slayer

“I’ve had so much fun riding the Biru. For the resort, I love a board that has a tight sidecut radius, and the Biru checks this box. The 157 has a 6.9 meter radius making it able to turn on a dime. Stranda also utilizes what they call “power bumps” on the edges of the board – a subtle serration of the edge to increase hold. The combination of this traction, an aggressive 6mm of camber, and the tight radius makes the Biru a true joy to turn. On groomers you can lay the Biru over and power through low and tight turns, leaving trenches behind you.”

Read senior contributor Sean Gallaway’s full review over at Men’s Journal.


Photo: Men’s Journal

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