The Cheater 200

Introducing the Cheater 200

Story by Mats Drougge This board came to birth as a custom order from a group of North American longboard snowboarders who teamed up to get their dream board made. Trying out the 177 Cheater, they wanted even more float and glide. As I started to shape I realized that just scaling up the 177 wasn’t an option. The “200” needed to be a fresh take on the big mountain gun. Normally a board of this size was the sort of board you just break out for the wide open glacial fields of La Grave or the Marmolada in the Alps. Setting out to design the “200” I wanted to add a big dose of tractability. With low camber a pronounced nose rocker and a drawn out semi swallow tail it does not only excel at arcing big turns at high speeds. Trying out the first prototype I found a board with a talent for exploring the potential of any type of terrain. And the stability afforded with the long sidecut built confidence for upping the speed limit from what I was used to.

“Laying over a high velocity heel side powder turn was reminiscing of surfing a frozen wave.”

I could use the whole board and pressing the nose instead of riding the tail. It was an unbelievable experience. And the glide and float was of course in a league of it self. With a board like this you can out run any resort skier or hogging those precious early morning powder runs from the crowds just leaving a rooster tail of spray behind with a big smile on your face. As I write this I have that same prototype leaning against the wall by my desk and looking at it I can’t help thinking to myself: “Where will we go next time?” Check it out!

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