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Splitboard and mountain safety clinic – Norway

New to splitboarding? In cooperation with UteGuiden in Stranda, Norway we’re doing 2 separate 2,5 day clinics. Dates areJanuary 22-24 and February 12-14. You will learn how to use your avy gear, skin up and ride out of bounds Mountain SafetyUphill TechniqueBackcountry Riding You can rent equipment from Uteguiden.  More info at https://uteguiden.com/en/ Lavine- og […]

Wax your board before you store it!

Stranda Snowboards founder/shaper Mats Drougge explains the simple steps for safe storing of a snowboard. Before you put your board away for summer you need to cover the base in hot wax. This protects the base from drying out during summer. And from getting scratched. After waxing store it in a dry cool and place. […]

Why size matters!

In diesem Video erklärt Mats Drougge, Gründer / Shaper bei Stranda Snowboards, die Physik des Edge Hold und warum Sie Longboards für sauberes Hochgeschwindigkeitsschnitzen benötigen. Effektive Kante und Wenderadius sind Schlüsselelemente für überlegenen Kantenhalt. Und am Ende des Videos gibt es einige schöne Carves auf einem 185 Pipeliner.