Bowlrider makes top 10 snowboards of 2023!

Stranda Bowlrider one of the 10 best snowboards of 2023.
Stranda makes the Top 10 “Best Snowboards 2023” with the Bowlrider! Mountain Weekly News is published from Jackson Hole, USA. From the motivation: “Hit those hips and slash them lips with the Bowlrider. Lesser known, but not for long, Stranda engineered this snowboard to have a classic look with a new age feel. The Bowlrider keeps the camber short and sweet through the middle while getting a bit more turned up with rocker in the tip and tail. This directional driver combines elite carving capabilities with the easy maneuverability typically found in shorter boards. A mid-stiff flex maintains snap and a setback stance keeps your legs feeling fresher longer even on deep powder days. Reinforced with Triax Glass and Carbon Torsion Rods, you’ll enjoy enhanced responsiveness as you pop in and out of carves. If you’re at your happiest laying down crisp soul turns, the Stranda Bowlrider Snowboard consistently delivers the kind of performance that purists will savor.”✌️ Go get yours now! 🥳
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