How to buy your first splitboard

Considering buying your first splitboard set? Here’s six handy tips to help you out. Watch the video in the bottom.

Tip number 1

Go bigger then your normal resort board. When you splitboard you will carry extra weight in your backpack and need more surface area not to sink in soft snow and length to support you when you are skinning up on the traverse. Add at least 5 cm to your normal length.

Tip number 2

Wide is not the way to go when splitboarding, Traversing will be a lot tougher when touring. Correct width of splitboard is the narrowest possible without booting out when edging. And following in frozen skin tracks can be a nightmare if you’re split skis doesn’t fit.

Tip number 3

Camber is your best friend when skinning. Camber is the curved heightened part of the board. You need camber for traction and edging on the uphill. A healthy dose of camber in combination with tip- and tail rocker is what you should look for in a splitboard.

Tip number 4

Play it safe and prepare for any kind of conditions. Before you now it you may have booked yourself on a guided tour where you will encounter high alpine conditions. Pure powder splits won’t cut it there.

Tip number 5

Don’t save on bindings. Getting stuck with a broken binding hours away from any help can be fatal. If you’re sure on only riding a bit of mellow sidecountry you can consider a plastic binding.

Tip number 6

Foldable poles are practical as they fit inside your backpack. Carbon poles are light but fragile. A telescopic pole in aluminum will last the longest.



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