5 tips that improves your splitboarding in 2022

New to splitboarding or a seasoned explorer of the backcountry? Here’s some great tips how to improve your splitboarding experience. (Photo: Rickard Bergstedt)

1. Wax your climbings skins!

Improve your glide on the ascent by waxing your skins just like you do with the base of your splitboard. Swix got a ”Skin Care Kit” which includes a cleaner fluid and a special wax intended for climbing skins. Especially in springtime you will benefit from a wax treatment. To apply the wax you need an iron, clamps and skin wax. Strap the skins to a bench and apply the wax, which you then heat in with the iron set at 80 degrees.

2. Detune nose and tail

You don’t need sharp edges outside of the parts that’s in contact with the snow. By de tuning your edges (removing the sharpness) you’ll protect the top of your splitboard from cutting and abrassion Since you sometimes cross your skis when touring, it’s easy to get cuts and wear in the top of your splitboard. By taking down the edges with emery paper and rounding them off, you reduce the risk of this.

3. Always carry extra straps

Having a pair of Voile Straps or some other kind of short straps packed in your backpack can be the difference between a successful splitboard mission or a disaster. Should a splitboard binding break, they’re great to have on hand for an emergency repair and on long traverses they can be used to provide lateral support by wrapping a strap around the highback and your splitboard boot. Should a fastener break on one of your tethers, you can hold it in place by wrapping a strap around the ski. Voile straps – don’t forget it…

4. Bring an isolator jacket

When you’ve summited and you’re getting ready to descend, it’s nice to be able to put a isolator jacket over your shell jacket so you don’t lose heat. And should the worst happen and you have to wait a long time for help to arrive, you can reduce the risk of hypothermia with a reinforcing garment. Remember that the jacket should be able to be pulled over what you are already wearing so that you don’t have to take off your shell jacket and lose even more heat.

5. Attend a splitboard clinic

Maybe you’ve been snowboarding for years but are a newbie when it comes to off-piste riding? Then it’s a really good idea to take a splitboard course. Or an avvy class like AIARE are offering in USA https://avtraining.org/aiare-level-1/. Learning the basics of avalanche skills, how to use your equipment and efficient riding techniques is a good investment. Because at Stranda we want to be the best at splitboarding, we don’t just sell splitboards, we want you to have fun safely. That’s why we arrange splitboard courses and can help you arrange guides to help you in Sweden, Norway, France, Canada and Italy.

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