Boards you can trust – now with 4-year warranty!

Founder and shaper Mats Drougge drops some great news. We’re extending our generous 3 year warranty on our 20/21 snowboards and splitboards. Now with an industry leading limited 4 year warranty. A long product life is probably the single most important factor when it comes to sustainability. Energy consumtion and use of materials is more or less the same if it’s a low quality snowboard or one built with good craftmanship and premium materials. The difference is that the cheaper one will lose it’s flex, break or delam in a not to distant future.

Recycling vs product life

Yes, you can possibly recycle a snowboard but this means that mother earth has to take the blow anyway. Another snowboard needs to be built and transported. By using premium, slow growing timber in our cores and using a higher grade epoxy we build to last. For our splitboards we’re using aluminium tip and tail protectors and metal lined mounting holes. And most importantly you can repair a Stranda Snowboard when you hit a rock most of the times as we’re using thick edges and all black bases.

“Every time we throw away a product, we essentially also are losing all of the energy and resources that went into its production. And although recycling a product is sometimes an option, reuse and repair rank much higher than recycling in terms of stronger environmental impact.”

Gina Lee – Extending product life to build a circular economy

We hate to see snowboards, tools of joy and pleasure, being just cheap expendable items. To us they are pieces of art that should be taken care of and should last for many years of riding.

Ride with pride!

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